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jennifer hromadka wedding

jennifer hromadka wedding

PHOTOS! Here again are pictures of Raymond Clark engaged to Jennifer Hromadka who share a myspace account and a wedding website. Jennifer Hromadka and Raymond Clark details in Annie Le case are circling Tuesday night after police entered Clark’s home in Middletown, taking him into custody as a person of interest.

Jennifer Hromadka and Raymond Clark live together and share a joint myspace account preparing for their 2011 wedding. On the myspace account which Hromadka refers to Clark as her “wonderful boyfriend Ray.” Hromadka blogs:

“I love hanging out with Ray’s family (he has a great one) and playing with \[his sister\] Denise and \[her husband\] Shawn’s Adorable kids, Caleb and Brielle.”

But in May 2008, Jennifer Hromadka wrote on myspace about a rumor that Clark was having an affair with another Yale lab tech:

“My boyfriend, Ray, if you don’t know him, has no interest in any of the other girls at YARC as anything more than friends.

“He is a bit naive, doesn’t always use the best judgment, definitely is not the best judge of character but he is a good guy.

“He has a big heart and tries to see the best in people ALL THE TIME! even when everyone else is telling him that the person is a psycho or that the person can’t be trusted.

“He thinks everyone deserves a second chance and has a hard time hurting people’s feelings and it takes him getting burned to learn.”

A week ago Tuesday, Annie Le was murdered. Thereafter on Friday, Hromadka blogged:

“Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be, but before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean!!”

Raymond Clark was reportedly put into handcuffs at his Middletown, Conn. apartment at 10:30 pm. While Clark was taken in for questioning , police were quick to clarify - this is not an arrest:

“We are looking for DNA and physical evidence.This is not an arrest warrant, this is a search warrant. We don’t know if he is cooperating or not. If he doesn’t comply with this search warrant, he will be arrested.”

The Le family issued a statement late tonight:

“The entire Yale community as well as our extended families and friends have been very supportive, helpful and caring. Our loss would have been immeasurably more difficult to cope with without their support.”

The Raymond Clark wedding website as of Tuesday night, however, appears void of any content.

Raymond Clark is set to marry in 2011. To see his wedding page, CLICK HERE for the empty wedding site.

For continuing coverage of the Annie Le case on LALATE click here:

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